Thursday, 14 August 2014

Mini Zara Haul

When I saw these black boots from afar I instantly fell in love with them. I loved them even more when I looked at the price tag; only 60$! I've been looking for a little black heeled bootie for a while now so I was super happy that I found these. 

Zara always has the perfect prints. Their new collection is to die for. I know that I'll definitely be going back for more. I can't find this t shirt on their site but it's part of their new collection so it should probably be  at your local Zara store.

I have a wedding August 30th and have been struggling to find a dress for it. I finally found this pink structured dress at Zara and found out that it was on sale once I got to the cash (best feeling ever no?). It's business in the front and party in the back with its awesome cut outs. 

Hope you enjoyed my mini haul! Which item is your favorite?

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