Monday, 28 July 2014

Week in Pictures #1

Here are some snippets of what I was up to during the past week. This week was quite unenventful due to the lack of sun and the huge amount of downpours we've had here in Montreal (this explains my awkward selfies which came from boredom). However I still managed to get a nice picture of the sunset last night after it stopped raining. I always love when the sky is filled with beautiful colors! My sister's been growing a garden for a few months and I went to check it out for the first time this week. I was quite impressed with the time and dedication that she put into it and I can't wait to eat her fruits and veggies. We also celebrated my dad's birthday July 25 so I went to Premiere Moisson to get some goodies. Everything there is always so delicious and it's the biggest struggle to pick something; I ended up leaving with a strawberry cheesecake (I ate most of it to be honest).

Accompanied Annie to water her garden | Awkward selfies | Hot peppers

Something to think about | Chocolate chip & Cookie dough | Pastel skies

Picking pastries for my dad's birthday | Night out | 4 Liter Sangria for two

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